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Simon’s Town boasts an impressive maritime history and is home to the world-famous African penguin colony as well as the 4-legged legend Just Nuisance who encapsulates the nostalgia of the sea folk of the town and the interesting animals alike, he even has his own wine and annual commemorative birthday parade! On top of this, Simon’s Town hosts fantastic dive spots along with many other recreational activities and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past alongside present-day experiences including classic “fish ‘n chips” at the site of the old fish market. Visit Simon’s Town today!

Simon’s Town is a real-life destination that comes to mind when you think of an “idyllic beach town”. It’s slower-paced than the nearby Cape Town but dripping with eclectic coffee shops, local artisans, and fabulous vintage shopping spaces of oddities and curiosities alike. As you drive in you are greeted by colourful shops and you can’t help but want to ditch the car and grab a bicycle!

Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town has a lot going for it: the ancient granite boulders protect it from the wind and large waves, making it an ideal swimming spot for kids. The beach is always clean and safe because it falls under the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area. The whole family will be delighted by the stunning rock pools.

The soft white sand and warm(ish) waters are not the only reasons why 60,000 visitors a year make their way along the coast, past Simon’s Town to Boulders Beach. The local inhabitants – African penguins in their thousands – know how to pull the crowds.

Simons Town’s hidden gem, the Admiral’s Waterfall should definitely be on your “hiking trails we have conquered in Cape Town” list.  A short 3-kilometre walk up a slight incline takes you to the waterfall and pool, which is hidden at the top of a ravine.

The climb up to Just Nuisance’s grave at the top of the steps is easy technically, but quite tough going if you are not fit. The view from the top is definitely worth the climb. You will see the full False Bay Panorama. After this go to one of the superior restaurants in town for refreshments.

The Marine Big Five is undoubtedly one of the town’s biggest assets and the whole family can explore a wide range of water sports and adventures during all seasons. Enjoy water bikes and kayaking, go diving or snorkelling or take a boat trip to view the Southern Right and Humpback whales when they grace False Bay annually with their magnificence between June and November. Diving or snorkelling will also take you up close to various shark species, dolphins, seals, and our beloved African Penguin.

Reaching back to around 1650, Simon’s Town boasts a wealth of historic and strategic interests. It has been a naval base and harbour for more than two centuries and is home to beautifully preserved buildings, a colourful military past, and a rich and culturally diverse heritage.

The part that Simon’s Town has played in maritime strategy is inseparable from that of the Cape of Good Hope and South Africa as a whole. The meeting point of the two great oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian, is a key focal point of maritime trade between East and West. 

Simon’s Town offers a wide variety of world-class accommodations ranging from fully catered hotel or guest house accommodations to self-catering or camping. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, travelling for business or coming for a family holiday, you will find a suitable place to stay to suit your budget.

Looking for a great place to eat? Simon’s Town offers a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops or private catering options for every occasion. From take-away fish & chips to enjoy on the jetty, to a romantic dinner by candlelight, or a picnic lunch to take along on a hike.

It’s not always about the views – there is a world of magnificence at our feet! With over 8,500 species of Fynbos, 5,800 of which occur nowhere else on the planet but here, the Cape Floral Kingdom is a wonder of the natural world, and the Cape Peninsula is a biodiversity hotspot.

This magical array of fynbos provides a unique haven for insects, animals and birds. Just a few of the spring treasures on display around Simon’s Town.

A mere 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, 30 minutes from the wonderful Constantia vineyards, 10 minutes from Cape Point, 20 minutes from great Atlantic surfing beaches, Simon’s Town is an ideal base from which to explore.


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