Checkout Gravity Adventures – Coasteering Watch Video

Coasteering is an incredibly fun and exciting way of exploring the coastline. You’ll be kitted out with wetsuits, PFDs (‘lifejackets’) and helmets and your guide will brief you about what to expect and what to do. You’ll start with exploring the shallow, protected waters of Windmill Beach with snorkels, and learn a bit of abou the Great African Seaforest and its inhabitants. After that, your guide will take through a series of rock jumps and gully swims. The route is flexible and all jumps are optional so kids from 10 years and up as well as anyone with a reasonable amount of fitness and agility (there is some rock scrambling) will enjoy this. This activity takes you up close and personal with our incredible ocean life and adds some excitement and fun with the rock jumps – it’s like being a child again!

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