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WEBSITE INFO - Advertising on this site is the top ranked site on google for the search term "Simons Town" and its variations and receives 8 to 10,000 unique visitors per month. See our site stats page for details.
Hosting a web page or listing on offers linking and hosting facilities for businesses based in the Simon's Town area. Website listings comprise a description of your service or business including full contact details, and a suitable picture or logo. Depending on requirement these listings can feature links to your hosted page or your own website. Listings are available at two pricing structures dependent on whether you are hosting pages with us or linking to an external site. Both have a 'once-off' listing fee of R250 and all have an annual hosting fee depending on the service required. Development costs for new hosted pages varies depending on time required and is usually +/-R800. Please email the webmaster any queries you may have or call him on 082 501 8930.
A minimum period of 12 months: R600
We create for you your own web site page and it's hosted here on our server it is linked to from the listing.
A minimum period of 12 months: R500
You have a your own existing web site at your own service provider and we link to it from the listing.

If you wish to host pages on please follow these guidelines:
Please look at listings and pages already present on and decide where best for your product or service to appear. If you were providing "Bed & Breakfast" services your listing would naturally appear under "Accommodation, Bed & Breakfast." By perusing the listings you can see the format and the type of information that is preferred for your own listing. Visit the other hosted pages within any section to see a broad example of layout or the types of information presented. Using previous listings and hosted pages as a guide, gather the information, pictures or artwork necessary for your own hosted page.

Enquiry Form facilities: Enquiry forms are a standard feature of our Accommodation listing.

Best method:
• Visit the relevant area or section on to discover what is "the norm."
• Prepare your text, gather your materials: photos, text content, descriptions.
Email the text and attach the photos.
• When sending pictures note that screen resolution on the internet is 72dpi.
• Email the webmaster who will contact you by return email.

Notes and small type:
Site listings on accomodation pages are displayed in a randomised order.
Pages on are fully indexed by the search engines drawing visitors to our site and your web pages. Our internet traffic figures are verification of this, so host or list with us in full confidence that your listing or pages are reaching the widest possible audience; especially those visitors with an interest in Simon's Town!




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