A Song in Commemoration of Just Nuisance

Contributed by Louis David. (Bicester in Oxfordshire, England)


[Simon's Town welcomes all contributions; In celebration of "Last Post" especially Just Nuisance tales.]


Drunk in charge of an ocean barge
Giving it large ‘round the old shipyards
Of Simonstown
Seven bell liberty R’NR
Salary shot in an all-night bar
In 15 rounds
4 AM got to get on a train
Sea-legs don’t work, can’t remember my name
I’ve run aground
If I’m listed as late I’ll be hauling keel
Painting the grass or potato peel
Must find the hound


I’ll guide you to the station
Wake you at your destination
All that I ask is three squares and a bed
Listen to your drunken stories
Revel in your made-up glories
Carry you home
Tuck you in
Nurse your head

And on parade at daybreak
I’ll make sure we’re turned-out ship-shape
Caps squared away and with spring in our step
And when they call “Stand Easy”
As the last notes of Reveille
I am a happy hound
And with my duty done

I’m making sail for home
Where there’s warmth and a bone
I can hear my friends calling my name
If you’re still hearing me
In the wind through the trees
And the rustling leaves
I’m alive and I’m still running free........


And believe we shall be reunited in time
Reunited to run once again
Across the field out the back
Through the gate, down the track
Through the meadows and trees
And the rustling leaves
Where I’m home...........

.....For Ben




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