Historical Pictures

HMS Doris and HMS Penelope in Simon's Bay, circa 1899.

View of the West Dockyard and Simon's Town in circa 1865.

Looking down Wharf Street circa 1913, to the Fish Market and the Town Jetty. HMS New Zealand lies in the background.

Kroomen in the West Dockyard circa 1889. The Kroomen came from West Africa, from places like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. They joined the Royal Navy on 3 year contracts, but many married Simon's Town women and stayed on in the town after their contracts had expired.

St George's Street, Simon's Town in circa 1900.

HMS Hermes undergoing repairs in the East Dockyard after her collison with the armed carrier, Corfu, off Freetown in 1943. Over 2000 ships passed in and out of the Dockyard Basin during World War 11, emphasizing the significant role played by Simon's Town in world affairs.

The Selbourne Drydock in the East Dockyard in 1910.

Boilermakers in the Dockyard in 1944.

The Cape Coloured Corps was formed on the site of the old Boer POW camp, Bellevue, during October 1915. Their greatest success was at the Battle of Square Hill in Egypt against the Turks. They were reformed during World War II and earned many distinctions and decorations.

Boer Prisoners-of-War captured during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) at the Bellevue Camp, Simon's Town in 1901.

The Royal Tour of 1947 - King George V1, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mum), Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret, with Mayor L.C. Gay (Mayor of Simon's Town 1927-1932 & 1934-1950).

The gentleman on the left, on the edge of the picture is Mr D.A. Amlay, councillor of Simon's Town for 17 years (before being removed under the Group Areas Act of 1967

The Royal Procession through Simon's Town of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York in 1901. Note the Triumphal Arch in the background, under which the parade passed. It was traditional for the residents of Simon's Town to erect triumphal arches around the town on all ceremonial occasions.

Robert "Taps" Lankester, coxswain of the port boat. His three assistants are Doolie Slarmie, Imam Achmat Baker and Fred Beukes. The Great White shark was caught in Simon's Bay in 1922.