False Bay Lighthouses

The opening ceremony for the new Cape Point Lighthouse in 1914. The Mayor of Simon's Town at the time, William Runciman, can be seen on the horse. The old lighthouse can be seen in the background - it was built in 1857.

The old lighthouse at Cape Point at the time of the opening of the new lighthouse - further down the point. The lighthouse keeper seen here is either J.T. Bennett or J. Piper - Bennett's term of office ended in 1914 and Piper's began.

Sign on the door of the lighthouse circa early 1900's. Not too sure if the person doing the rolling would always be in a fit state to be prosecuted!

The new Cape Point Lighthouse built in 1914, soon after its construction. The light of the old Cape Point Lighthouse was invisible to ships at sea, at a certain angle.

Roman Rock lighthouse is the only lighthouse in South Africa to stand on a rock. On account of high tides and gale-force winds, work could only be carried out 7 days a month and consequently it took 4 years to build - from 1857 to 1861.

[Left] Roman Rock lighthouse in 1910 with the lighthouse keeper and his assistant. The lighthouse keepers in 1910 were Charles Hon and Jeremias C. Bruyns.

[Right] Court Helicopters ferried equipment and personnel when Roman Rock lighthouse underwent extensive renovations to its structure and electrification system.

The lighthouse on the Bullnose of the East Dockyard. It was erected at the time of the building of the Selbourne Dock in the East Yard - that is, between 1901 and 1910.