Welcome to Bonne Esperance, Simon’s Town, a heritage home and self-catering accommodation. The perfect holiday getaway for the solo traveller, couple, family or group booking. 

The house includes:

  • 6 en-suite rooms – capacity for 12 adults (6 king beds or 12 singles)
  • 4 Victorian fireplaces
  • Sea and mountain views
  • Large kitchen and dining room
  • Parlour
  • Sea facing deck
  • Terraced garden
  • Swimming pool
  • 8 off street parking bays

A brief history
The house is between 126 – 119 years old having been built in 1897 or 1904 and has had various iterations from being the Bonne Esperance Guest House to the Seaforth Hotel. The ‘Spook Huis’ or ‘Naughty Sailor House’, Bonne Esperance is a well known house in Simon’s Town. The double Cape Dutch Revival gables are a rare architectural type and have made the building an iconic feature in the landscape.