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Guidelines for the Conservation and Development of the Simon's Town Conservation Area

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Legal Framework and Procedures


On 1 October 1993 the Zoning Scheme for Simon’s Town was amended by the Administrator of the Cape, proclaiming the central area of the town “Special Zone A”: an area of special architectural or historical interest. The purpose of this proclamation was to ensure that this area retains its particular character and atmosphere through preservation and design control.

Proposed Additional Areas

Two additional conservation areas may be proclaimed in the future, subject to the guidelines. These are at the Boulders, and at the areas north of the station and Paradise Road.

Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC)

All plans for alterations, additions or new construction in this area are submitted to the Simon’s Town Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC). This committee has been mandated, in terms of the proclamation and by Council resolution, to assess these plans and make recommendations for their approval. The AAC is chaired by the Ward Councillor and draws its membership from the Simon’s Town Civic Association, the Simon’s Town Historical Society and a minimum of two professional consultant architects and town planners.

Recommendations from the AAC, which meets monthly, are referred to the relevant standing committees for approval. Plans that are found to be unacceptable are referred back to the applicants for amendment. Applicants can make presentations to the AAC. Should a dispute arise an applicant can request to submit the proposal directly to the City Council. It should be noted that there is no provision for appeal to the Premier of the Western Cape should the Council reject a submission.

Specialist Consultants

Specialist Council appointed consultants are available to assist applicants in obtaining approval.

They are contactable through the Building Surveyor’s office.

Preparation of Plans

It is strongly recommended that an architect should prepare plans. It is advisable to use one with local experience familiar with design work in conservation areas.

The Cape Institute of Architects, telephone/fax 021 424 7128 can provide you with a list of local professionals and specialists.

Plans Approval Process

Prior to submission of drawings for Local Authority approval in terms of the National Building Regulations and Zoning Scheme Regulations, sketch plans and contextual photographs are to be submitted to the AAC. This committee will then assess the submission and make recommendations. These can then be incorporated into the final design submission.