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Guidelines for the Conservation and Development of the Simon's Town Conservation Area

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The Architectural Advisory Committee is a body that was mandated by resolution of the Council in 1985 to assist in assessing the acceptability of any plan submitted within Special Zone A. (Resolution No. 647/85 of October 1985). The Simon's Town Zoning Scheme Regulations were amended in 1993 designating the central area of Simon's Town as Special Zone A, in addition to the areas defined in Resolution 647/85 and Minute No. 722/85.

The purpose of the amendment and the designation was "to ensure that the central area of Simon's Town will retain its particular character and atmosphere by the preservation of the external appearances of all buildings in the area and the control of the designs of alterations or new buildings, decorations thereof and the erection of any signs, to ensure that a satisfactory harmony is achieved in external appearances'.


The number of places and buildings of historical and architectural interest in South African towns are continuously being diminished. Rapid urbanization, new technologies and shifting attitudes to development control all contribute to a rapid increase in the nature, rate and scale of change. The familiarity and continuity of the local scene, and the maintenance of the distinctive qualities that contribute to a place's character all reveal varying ability to accommodate such change.

While change and development are unavoidable and necessary, management of this change has become essential if the legacy of heritage is to be retained for the present and the future.

The effective management of conservation depends not only on control but also on education and guidance. Conservation guidelines are particularly important in this context. They describe the qualities of the area and the nature of development that is likely to be permitted, thus preventing confusion, misunderstanding and conflict on the part of owners, developers and designers. They also ensure that the local authority is consistent in its management of the area, in terms of the maintenance and enhancement of the public realm, and in terms of development control. The publication of guidelines is therefore an essential part of an effective local conservation management system.


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Section 2 - Legal Framework and Procedures, is a brief explanation of the functions of the Architectural Advisory Committee and information on how to go about the preparation and submission of plans is provided.

Section 3 - The character of Simon's Town is discussed. Section 4 - General Conservation Principles.

Section 5 - Conservation objectives for each precinct are stated.

Section's 6 to 9 - Set out the guidelines for new work, whether it involves alterations to an old building, or building a new house.

Sections 10 and 11 - Guidelines are provided to control development in public areas and on Scenic Routes.