Simon's Town Students Get
Hotel Insight At Quayside

This year some 90 students from the Simon's Town School will gain a direct insight into the working environment of a hotel as part of their Hotel-keeping and Catering course at the school. Quayside Hotel in the Simon's Town Waterfront has taken the initiative in giving the students the opportunity of gaining hands-on experience in the hotel.

According to hospitality studies teacher at Simon's Town School, Marianna Karstel, the first students are already enjoying the opportunities offered by Quayside Hotel to learn more about careers in the hotel industry. "Previously students only studied the theory in the classroom background but now they are gaining experience of working in the real environment at Quayside," said Ms Karstel. "This will help equip them with an understanding of what a career in the hotel industry holds and will make it easier to decide whether they wish to pursue such a career and study further"

Jeremy Wagner, general manager of Quayside Hotel,
with some of the students from the Simon's Town School

Jeremy Wagner, general manager of Quayside Hotel, said that the hotel was glad to welcome students into its working environment as part of its commitment to put something back into Simon's Town. "When I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do," said Wagner. "Had I had this opportunity it would have given me a clear insight of the hotel industry."

"The students come and spend a few hours in the hotel where we expose them to the actual working environment giving them a knowledge of everything from registration of the guest through to housekeeping and maintaining the standard of a four star hotel," said Wagner. "To those students that excel we may well be able to offer them regular casual work when we have an overload giving them a chance to earn while at the same time gaining further valuable experience," added Wagner. Although only available to students from the Simon's Town School, Wagner said that he would try and accommodate other students if approached.

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