Simon's Town Library
"Fly With A Miracle"
On 4 March 2002, Cape Town-born Authoress Sheila Belshaw dropped in on a committee meeting of Friends of Simon's Town Public Library to present a copy of her book "Fly With A Miracle", to Ms. Melanie du Raan, the Head Librarian.
Unlike Sheila's previous books, "Fly With A Miracle" is a work of non-fiction, being the enthralling story of her air-traffic-controller Son's fight with and victory over cancer. Sheila, who divides her time between Wilmslow, Menorca and Simon's Town, uses e-mail to keep in touch with her friends in various parts of the World and can be contacted at

Members Of The Friends Of Simon's Town Public Library
And The Librarian With Mrs. Sheila Belshaw.
L to R: Mr. Ramsay Wight, Mrs. Belshaw, Mr. Erwin
Bezuidenhout, Ms. du Raan And Mr. Bill Rice (Chairman)
Photos : Sheila Rice

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