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The Spirit Of Just Nuisance
The Just Nuisance Annual Parade

The annual Just Nuisance parade takes place through the main street of Simon's Town - usually in fine sunny weather with large crowds who gather at the Museum, Jubilee Square and along the route. Traffic halts for the parade and many bemused motorists just 'passing through', get out of their vehicles to admire the Great Danes and take pictures.

The competitors arrive at the Museum from early afternoon and await judging in the Courtyard. The panel, of the Simon's Town Historical Society, Sponsors and Peninsula Tourism, deliberate long and hard, looking for winners in the "Just Nuisance Look-Alike", "Miss. Just Nuisance" and "Least-Like Just Nuisance (Male & Female)" categories.

Some Of The Fine Great Dane's At
The Annual Just Nuisance Parade

"Ere, Listen Up Mate - What Ya Been Doin' Since Last Year's Parade Then...?"
With the judging over, the parade forms up behind the South African Navy Band and 'marches' down to Jubilee Square led by a Great Dane and handler dressed in traditional Royal Naval rig from the period. At the square, the Master Of Ceremonies, gives the gathering a brief history of Able Seaman Just Nuisance (RN) before a wreath is laid at his stature by the Historical Society.

The Judges Hard At Work -
Decisions, Decisions...

The South African Navy Band Leads The Just Nuisance Parade Down
Simon's Town's Main Road En-Route To Jubilee Square.
The Beautiful Wreath Laid At The Statue Of
Able Seaman Just Nuisance (RN) in Jubilee Square

Gratitude is expressed to the South African membership of the Ganges Association who are responsible for the restoration of Just Nuisance's grave at Klawer and its continued maintenance. The prize winners are announced and proceedings end with the Navy Band playing "All Things Bright And Beautiful". Some participants subsequently take up an offer of a free ride on the local Simon's Town Harbour Touring ferry "Spirit Of Just Nuisance". Thanks to the Simon's Town Museum who organise this annual event and to all of those who attend.

The Standard Bearer From The Ganges Association At The Statue Of Just Nuisance.

Winner of the "Least-Like Just Nuisance" Competition - Not Too Difficult To See Why....

The First Competitor Boards The "Spirit Of Just Nuisance" For His Trip Around Historical Simon's Town And The Naval Harbour.

Relaxing At The End Of A Long Afternoon - For A Dog Anyway...

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