Just Nuisance Remembered...
My daughter visited Simonstown in August 2000. I had asked her to see if anyone remembered the Great Dane that used too live there during the war. She told me about the statue and memorial plaque to Just Nuisance which I was delighted to hear about. She said that the lady at the Tourist Office had suggested I write my memories of the dog, so here they are...

Mr. Oliver Trier, Milford on Sea - Hampshire

I arrived aboard HMS Canton in Simon's Town late in 1940. I'm not sure when exactly, but we had left Greenock in Scotland on 13 October 1940. Our first stop was Freetown in West Africa. I believe we had been sent out to replace the armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Jervis Bay, that had been sunk by a German pocket battleship just previously. We must have arrived about Christmas time.

When berthed at Simon's Town, I remember getting leave to go ashore with the intention of visiting Cape Town for the day. I noticed this gigantic Great Dane getting aboard the train completely unattended. I also noticed that he always got aboard the first class carriages! Furthermore, if all the seats were occupied, it selected a seat, and with its head, pushed all the occupants off the seat on to the floor and then calmly climbed on and stretched out full length. None of the sailors were in the least upset - in fact it used to be a big laugh!

When the dog got off at Cape Town, it used to go around all the pubs (prior to the last train leaving) and bark at the sailors until they headed for the station in order to catch the 11pm train. I always wondered if you traced the owner? Also, where did he live and who fed him? (The dog, not the owner). I often saw the dog wandering about on the quayside too.

I remember staying at the home of Commander Wilson and his wife at their fruit farm at Paarl, he was in charge of routing the shipping from Simonstown. I wonder what happened to him?

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