The Five Names Of The Road Through Simon's Town

The main road running down the length of the Peninsula from Cape Town to Cape Point passes through many suburbs, taking on various names as it winds through certain areas. Most South Peninsula locals just refer to it as Main Road, no matter where they are. On its journey through Simon's Town, the road takes on no less five names - Main Road, Station Road, St. George's Street, Queen's Road, MacFarlane Avenue and then back to Main Road!!

The various named sections would appear to be as follows :
  • Main Road
    - Glencairn to Simon's Town Station.
  • Station Road
    - from the station to Jubilee Street (Protea Milk Bar corner).
  • St. George's Street
    - from Jubilee Street to the East Dockyard Gates - opposite Topsail House.
  • Queen's Road
    - from the Dockyard Gate to Miller Road - just past Simon's Town High School, on the sea-side.
  • MacFarlane Avenue
    - from Miller Road to Bellevue Road - at the Golf Course.
  • Main Road
    - from Bellevue Road onwards towards Miller's Point.
So now we all know. For those of you living along the "Main Road" in Simon's Town, you now know what your section is called. Thanks to Cathy and Nigel for the information.




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