The old Glencairn Hotel - Now the new Southern Right Hotel
[Press Release by Sally Grierson]

100 years ago the community of Glencairn can be said to have begun with the opening of its public buildings, the church and the hotel.

The Glencairn Hotel, known affectionately as " The Glen" and later called "Just Nuisance Inn" was built in 1904 and is imminently celebrating its centenary. 100 years on this legend in the living peninsula is experiencing a total makeover as it reopens its doors as the Southern Right Hotel.

glencairn southern right hotel
With the growth of activities and establishments in the Cape Point Peninsula it seems just right to welcome this hotel back to it's former glory in time for her anniversary. Visitors from near and far will embrace the integration of past and present with opportunities to linger in the comfort of the hotels surrounds and delight in the scenery whilst refreshing body and soul.

Originally built for holidaymakers who arrived by rail, the hotel has a long history of being a public meeting place for residents, a haunt for sailors, a venue for pub lunches and a dance hall. There is no time like the present to reincarnate all the festivities and memories created within its walls in seeing this grand establishment once again relive its heyday.

The make over of this Victorian Beach Hotel will honour the Southern Right Whale that migrates to our shores every year especially in September. From the open terrace and restaurant there is ideal viewing of the whale tails (flukes) and the distinctive "v" shaped spouting created by the 2 blowholes of the Southern Right Whale. Fortunately, unlike the whale that filter feeds on plankton and is a seasonal feeder, the menu at the restaurant will be a year round gourmet sensation for diners to sink their teeth into. No microscopic organisms will be served on your plate; the choice varies from hearty meat dishes to fresh seafood, with an assortment of vegetarian fare and healthy salads.

Sound and touch are highly developed senses in whales, with an inbuilt navigation system using the earth's magnetic field on long migrations. This hotel has consistently drawn people to its doors with the resonance of laughter, music, voice and tone. The ambience of the pub has long been recognised as a congenial and convivial watering hole. The allure and charisma of the Blowhole Pub will continue to seduce visitors who appreciate a relaxed atmosphere, light pub meals and a pint or 2!

For those slumbering souls needing a retreat from cosmopolitan living, migration won't be a long haul journey. Being only 45 minutes from the Cape Town City Bowl and 45 minutes from Stellenbosch and the winelands, this shelter is captivatingly close to major centres making it an easy breakaway or sojourn on the Get-to-The Point route. The hotel will reflect former ages with an element of ancient décor to retain the sense of heritage whilst blending the comforts of modern living. This is no hotel lost in time, this is a living legend.

The December 2003 opening is the commencement of a larger project designed with a vision to incorporate local activities and skills from the community and generating employment within the Cape Point Peninsula Region. The owners and management of the Southern Right Hotel invite the neighbourhood to share this revival project and join them in creating many more memories for generations to come.


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