A kind and special message to the people of Simon's Town:

My family and I visited Simon's Town in the last days of 2004, staying the the Quayside Inn. On a visit to Boulder's Beach, I had a nasty accident, slipping off the rocks and falling on my back rather painfully. No lasting damage was done, but it was a very unpleasant incident for me.

What made it totally bearable was the fantasic kindness and concern of everyone around. The beach wardens were on the scene promptly, and one of them (Tom) even took the trouble to call at the hotel later on to check on my condition. A visting paramedic (Adam) from Jo'burg took care of me until the local paramedics (Wesley and his team) arrived to take over. I was seen to by Dr. Laing at his surgery, and dealt with sympathetically and professionally.

The kindness and generosity of everyone there was fantastic - and our thanks to all concerned. We stayed through your New Years celebrations, which we enjoyed, not least our 15 year old son who discovered that 15 year olds throughout the world share common interests.

Our thanks to you all.

Best wishes for 2005

Simon Everton

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