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What is a Community Police Forum?
A Community Police Forum (CPF) is a forum, which consists of organisations and institutions. For example, schools, mosques, churches, youth groups, ratepayers’ associations, civic organizations and businesses can become members of the Forum.

What is the Purpose of a Community Police Forum?
The purpose of a Community Police Forum is to establish and maintain a safe and secure environment for its citizens. Oganisations who want to make the community safe are invited to join the CPF. A CPF is a legislated structure that establishes a partnership between the community and the police.

Does the Community Police Forum have a Constitution?
Each Community Police Forum has its own constitution. The constitution explains how the Forum works and an Executive Committee (ExCo) is elected. The ExCo plays an important ensuring that the CPF works and its aims are achieved.

Does a Community Police Forum have any stature with National Government?
According to the National Constitution, each and every police station should have a Community Police Forum.

What are the aims of the Community Police Forum
By law, a Community Police Forum must have specific aims. Section 18 of the SAPS Act No. 68 of I995 tells us what these aims are. A Forum can also add more aims if its members agree to it. All the aims must be in the constitution of the Forum so that everybody can see them. For example, in Section 3 of the Sample Constitution for Community Police Forums in the Western Cape we suggest that a Forum has to:

  • help the police service and the local community to work together;
  • make the police and the community partners against crime;
  • identify and solve problems to do with crime, disorder, fears and poor service by the police;
  • improve communication and relations between the police and the community;
  • find ways to make the police service transparent and accountable;
  • encourage the media to be fair when they tell people about police actions;
  • promote respect for human rights;
  • work together with other institutions in the local community;
  • monitor the police service, including complaints, charges, visits to cells and patrolling
  • help different cultural groups to understand each other;
  • act in a mature and polite way when working with the police.

Which organisations are currently registered with the ST Community Police Forum?
South African Police Services (SAPS) by the Station Commissioner
South African Navy
Military Police
City of Cape Town Ward Councilors
Sector Crime Forums for Police Sectors 1 and 2 representing the Neighbourhood Watches in both Sectors
Happy Valley Home for the Indigent,
Simon’s Town Business Association,
Simon’s Town Amenities Development Company (STADCO
the Simon's Town Civic Association (STCA) and the Ward Councillor.

Contact the Simon’s Town Community Police Forum
For more information or to register your organisation with the Simon’s Town CPF, please e-mail