Simons Town offers the best holiday accommodation in Cape Town, South Africa, including Self Catering, B&B's, and Hotels, Camping and Backpackers. Simon's Town has stunning views in the most beautiful environment of the Cape Peninsula. Nestled on False Bay within easy distance of Cape Town International Airport, our village is rich in history, character, atmosphere and warmth. Our neighbours are whales, penguins and seals with world heritage status bird life, fishing and the beauty of Table Mountain and Cape Point.
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Civic Home

Simon's T=own Civic Association
P.O. Box 47 Simon's T=own 7995
Office tel. (when manned) 7861191, email:
Chairperson: Mrs Fran Freeman 7829811
Vice-chairman: vacant
Treasurer/Communications: Ian Allan 7822736


Here are some of the STCA’s achievements during 2005 and challenges remaining for 2006. Strong community involvement is essential to ensure effective local government. Get involved, or at the very least, support your Civic Association as it works for you.

The STCA has monitored all development and building plans submitted to Council, providing support or written objections in the interests of Simon’s Town.
Challenges: the exponential growth of property development which is not supported by improvement in infrastructure; preservation of view problems, the lack of an effective structure plan. Last year only R100000 was allocated for infrastructure development in Simon’s Town.

The STCA regularly monitors the beaches, toilets, the Jubilee Square and Station areas, tidal pools, etc reporting damage to Council and following up to ensure action. The STCA is working with Council and, through Stadco, to improve / take over the maintenance and management of Jubilee Square, Wharf Street and the Jetty.
Challenges: lack of capacity in the Council, inadequate supervision of workers, lack of resources.

The STCA was strongly active concerning the Integrated Zoning Scheme and its apparent neglect of the environmental and heritage treasures in the Simon’s Town area. Objections are lodged where developments impact the coastline and the Historic Mile (eg Harbour Terrace (behind Hospital Terrace), the Glencairn Station development, the Rocklands Farm development).
Challenges: The Council planners do not see Simon’s Town as having any priority as an environmental, historical or tourist resource. There are many developers seeing Simon’s Town as an opportunity too good to miss.

Roads and Drainage
Where residents have not had satisfactory action from the Council regarding road or drainage repairs the STCA has followed up. The STCA maintains a good relationship with the different Council departments and holds frequent on-site meetings with them.
Challenges: Council budgets are shrinking, other areas are seen to be priorities, the steep roads in Simon’s Town are vulnerable to development pressure and storm damage deterioration.

The Simon’s Town water quality and supply is regularly monitored. A close relationship with the South Peninsula Municipality is maintained.
Challenges: Water supply pipes are aged and over stressed, bursting frequently. Centralisation of the metro services means that municipal workers now live far from Simon’s Town and have little specialised knowledge of our infrastructure.

Community involvement
The STCA supports the New Year’s Eve Party and, through Stadco, the Penguin Festival. Both provide funding for local needy causes or the environment. Support was also provided for the False Bay Hospital’s 40th Anniversary celebrations, the Red Hill Pre-Primary School and the Happy Valley Home. The Simon’s Town Trust which currently provides monthly support to 15 needy persons has two Trustees from the STCA.
Challenges: Unemployment, environmental pressure, the influx of people to the Far South are all going to increase the need for community involvement.

The STCA liases closely with the Community Police Forum, and the Police, monitoring and raising security issues. Financial support was provided for the new security cameras.
Challenges: CCTV systems in the Cape Town City Centre and other areas are pushing criminals ever further out and Simon’s Town must be vigilant to ensure that we do not become a soft target.

The STCA monitors and is involved in the activities of GEESE, Baboon Matters and the Environmental Advisory Committee Signage is also monitored (especially in the Historic Mile area) and action taken when regulations are ignored.
Challenges: Increasing population, tourism and development are threatening natural environments. This is combined with decreased law enforcement capacity.

Local government
The STCA has provided information and support to the Ward Councillor and acted as a conduit of information from the Ward Councillor to the residents. The STCA was active in encouraging participation in the process to form Ward Committees.
Challenges: Party politics, constant restructuring, retrenchments and incompetence in the City have all but caused local government to collapse. It becomes more and more difficult for the Ward Councillor to be effective.

Eleven Newsletters are circulated to STCA members each year. Information is also provided to the local newspapers and the Full Circle magazine.
Challenges: We can only communicate with the people who contact us. Please encourage friends and neighbours to join the STCA.



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