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A Pictorial History Of Simon's Town
The Martello Tower

The Martello Tower, Powder Magazine and Gun Battery in 1868. Three of the four 32-pounder guns mounted "en barbette" on traversing carriages can be seen on either side of the Tower with the three 18-pounders in a row on the left. The 9-pounder can just be seen over the extreme left end of the Magazine building, in front of the ruins of the emplacement for the mortars. The Martello Tower was used as a navigational beacon for ships entering Simon's Bay and was consequently white-washed in about 1843.
The Martello Tower in circa 1898. Note the beach - today part of the S.A. Navy's East Dockyard.
The Royal Marines enjoying a "make-and-mend" on the roof of the Martello Tower. Soon after the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 they were withdrawn and replaced by South African RNVR sailors.
Prominent citizens of Simon's Town impress the importance of saving the Martello Tower upon representatives of the Historical Monuments Commission, 2 April 1959.
The Martello Tower was restored in 1972 and proclaimed a National Monument.